Extend P Plate laws to 25 says top cop

Young drivers could be forced to remain on probationary licenses until they turn 25, if Victoria’s top cop has his way.

Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill says extending the state’s P-Plate period, and hence the time young drivers must adhere to a 0.00 blood alcohol limit, would help to cut Victoria’s road toll.

In an interview with Fairfax, Mr Hill says 40 percent of people aged 20-25 who are killed or injured on Victorian roads are victims of drink driving.

He also stated medical research proves young people’s brains aren’t fully developed until their mid-to-late 20s, particularly the areas that control decision making – a crucial skill when behind the wheel.

If successful, the push would see young drivers forced to use probationary licenses for the first seven years of their solo driving life – three more than currently enforced in Victoria.

Mr Hill isn’t alone in his push, with the move to extend the probationary period gathering support from leading road safety researchers and citizens affected by road trauma.

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