Aston Martin's 100th birthday present

Meet Aston Martin's wild 100th birthday present to itself - the CC100 concept.

Officially unveiled overnight, the one-off, V12 concept has been designed to display future design cues as well as pay homage to Aston's only Le Mans 24 Hours winner, the 1959 DBR1.

Featuring an all-carbon fibre body, the open top Speedster uses Aston's long serving 6.0-litre V12 to power the rear wheels.

0-100km/h takes just 'over' four seconds, according to Aston, with the entire car designed and built in under six months.

Oh, and don't think the CC100 will gather dust in a museum. It's already been sold to a 'wealthy client' for a reported $780,000.

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