World's first gay driving school

World first gay driving school

A lesbian business woman in England is seeking to help young homosexuals to learn to drive by opening the world’s first gay driving school.

Sick of hearing horror stories about ‘old-school’ instructors calling gay pupils ‘faggots’ or questioning transgender students about their sexuality, 27-year-old Karis Smith has opened her own business.

Called the ‘Gay Driving School Manchester’, the business seeks to teach gay students in an accepting, safe and relaxed environment.

Miss Smith’s website says: “Gay? Lesbian? Bisexual? TG/TS/TV? Looking for driving lessons with a friendly driving instructor in a comfortable learning environment? Then look no further. I am a young, female, gay driving instructor.”

Miss Smith says the reaction to her business has been ‘very positive’, but what do you think?

Do homosexual drivers need their own driving school? Or is this simply a smart business idea?

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