The future is here: The 'egg car'

Forget scooters. Forget Segways.

The future of personal transportation is here. And it's called an 'egg car'.

Developed by Korean giant Hyundai, the 'egg car' – which is actually called the 'E4U' – is a new mobility concept unveiled at last week's Seoul Motor Show.

Basically it's a Segway on steroids – a one-person mobility device that can easily travel in any direction thanks to a revolutionary 'rotating semi-spherical part'.

The lower half of the vehicle, which looks like a ball, is constantly rotating, providing propulsion and allowing the driver to change direction by tilting it so different parts of the sphere touch the ground.

Propulsion is controlled by foot pedals, which cause the spherical front to tilt, while two rear training-wheel-like supports provide additional stability.

Power is supplied by a 24 volt, 500-watt battery, with top speed projected at a modest 30km/h.

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