The best thing to happen to Audi

The R8 supercar is the best thing that has ever happened to Audi.

Even now, seven years after it launched, the R8 has the street presence and sporting clout to hold its head high among its competitive set.

And if you want proof of how well the R8 has aged, what we’re about to discuss are details of its first facelift. If you could call it that.

Only truly devoted trainspotters will notice any major visual change. The single-frame front grille is new, apparently, and the front and rear diffusers have been altered to improve aerodynamics. The V8 gets a new style of forged-aluminium 19-inch alloys and the full-LED headlights have been re-drawn with an ‘angrier’ graphic outline for the daytime running lights, which makes the R8 look meaner than ever.

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