Renault reveals 'furniture' concept car

Renault has unveiled a new concept car so ‘out there’ it’s not even on display at a car show.

Nope, the new Twin-Z concept has instead been unveiled at a…design expo in Europe.

That’s because this car is a model that Renault says bridges the gap between cars and, wait for it…furniture.

The aim, according to Renault, was to "break down the boundaries between the world of an object whose calling is to be in movement - the automobile - and that of furniture."

But don’t panic. The Twin-Z isn’t something you park in your living room and cover in clear plastic.

You can actually use it as a car.

Four battery packs stored in the floor – to improve centre of gravity - provide 50kW/226Nm to the rear-wheels, with Renault claiming a top speed of 130kmh.

Range is tipped at 160km, but as with most concept cars, the Twin-Z is more about design than performance.

Inside, a spacious nightclub-like interior cacoons passengers, with Renault creating extra space by ditching the dashboard for a centrally mounted tabled.

Don’t expect to see the Twin-Z on the road anytime soon, but Renault could use many of the design cues on its future models.

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