Germany's latest motoring tech

Meet the latest piece of automotive technology to come out of Germany – the VOI scooter.

Far from the horsepower hungry sedans Germany is famous for, the VOI is a more…practical solution to the daily commute.

Built by students at the Technical University of Munich, in alliance with Singapore’s Nanyang Technical University, the VOI is essentially a scooter with a roof.

Designed to offer a cheap and convenient option for commuters in densely populated cities, the electrically-powered VOI has a range of 80 kilometres and a top speed of 45km/h.

The enclosed front cell can keep one passenger dry in wet conditions, but can also be swapped with a cargo box or even a ‘mobile kitchen’.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the strange name? VOI means elephant in Vietnamese, which is “a symbol of a safe and intelligent means of transport”.

Of course.

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