World record: daredevil hits 335km/h on ice

Think breaking the land speed record isn’t crazy enough?

Try doing it on ice.

A team of daredevils from Finland has broken the world ice-speed record, belting an Audi RS6 at 335.7km/h over the frozen waters of the Gulf of Bothnia.

As with all Guinness speed records, the time was averaged out over two runs, with the car permitted a flying start and ‘up to an hour’ to reach its top speed.

At the wheel of the Audi was reigning ice-speed record holder Janne Laitinen, who topped his old feat of 331.6km/h set in 2011 in the same car.

A unique 12 kilometre test-track was used for the stunt, which was designed to showcase the grip and performance of a Finnish winter tyre company.

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