Modern E-Type to be built

Love the romance and style of the iconic E-Type, but hate its age and unreliability?

Good news!

A new, modern variant of the E-Type will go into production, it has been announced.

Sadly, it won’t be an ‘official’ Jaguar E-Type, but will rather be produced by boutique manufacturer Lyonheart.

First shown to the world as a concept known as the ‘Growler’, Lyonheart has gained sufficient interest to put the model into production.

Such has been the response, Lyonheart will built 250 of the new cars, not 50 as originally planned.

The brand will also build a convertible version of the car, called the Lyonheart K.

Both cars will feature hand-crafted aluminium bodywork and be powered by a Cosworth tuned 5.0-litre V8.

No word yet where Lyonheart will source the engine, but it’s likely it will be based on the unit that powers the Jaguar F-Type V8 S and XKR-S.

Performance figures are projected at 428kW, with both models tipped to hit 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds.

The car will also run on beautifully-crafted 20-inch wire wheels.

Sounds perfect right?

The style of an E-Type with none of the drawbacks.

Except the price that is.

Early talk suggests the Lyonheart will cost $450,000.


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