Land Rover's Electric Defender

Forget what you know about electric cars.

Land Rover has moved the goal posts.

In a world of city-friendly EVs, Land Rover has broken the mould and built a hard-core electric off-roader.

The iconic brand has replaced the standard diesel used in its Defender with a 70kW/330Nm electric motor, twinned with an electric battery which adds 27kWh.

The entire drivetrain is electric and packs enough charge for a range of more than 80kms.

That mightn’t sound like much, but Land Rover says its electric defender is good for more than eight hours of typical off-roading.

Recharging takes just four hours on a ‘fast charger’, or 10 hours on a portable charging device.

Land Rover insists the Electric Defender’s off-road capabilities remain the same, including its 800mm wading depth.

The company even says the EV Defender towed a 12-tonne road-train up a 13 degree gradient.

The Electric Defender retains Land Rover’s legendary four-wheel-drive system and differential, but does weigh around 100km/h more than the standard car.

Maximum torque is available instantly, eliminating the need for a standard gearbox. Instead a one-speed transmission feeds the power to all four wheels.

The Electric Defender will be shown at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.

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