Car emissions slashed

It’s official. Today’s cars are kinder to the environment.

A lot kinder.

New data shows Australia’s average new car emissions have dropped by a staggering 21 percent over the past 11 years.

The data, compiled by the National Transport Commission, also revealed Suzuki was Australia’s most emission-friendly manufacturer in 2012.

The Japanese brand delivered an average emissions rating of 157g/km, significantly lower than Jeep, which scored the worst rating at an average of 240g/km.

In 2012, average emissions from Australian-made vehicles was 210g/km – a nine percent reduction from 2011.

The drop in emissions has largely been driven by manufacturers, according to the NTC.

“Car manufacturers have encouraged the reduction, with four brands lowering emissions from their vehicles by around nine percent of the past year,” said NTC Project Director Neil Wong.

The report also revealed emissions could have been slashed by a further 40 percent if consumers had purchased more vehicles tagged ‘best in class’ for emissions in 2012.

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