First Arab hypercar - costs $3.4 million, goes 390km/h

Meet the world’s first Arab hypercar. It’s called the LykanHypersport, looks like a fighter jet and costs $3.4 million. Oh and you can only drive it on a full moon.

Okay, so the last bit isn’t true, but once a month is about as often as this super-exclusive car will be driven. Built by W Motors, the Lykan is the Arab world’s first home-grown hypercar and will be unveiled at next week’s Qatar Motor Show.

As you’d expect, the Lykan is full of over-the-top touches, including diamond encrusted LED headlights, gold stitching in the interior and a 3D hologram display. Underneath though, the Lykan is all business.

560 kW rockets it from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds, all on the way to its top speed of 390km/h. Still, don’t expect to see a Lykan in the metal. Only seven are being built.



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