Porsche building a supercar to take on Ferrari 458

Porsche has confirmed it is developing a supercar to take on the likes of the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Gallardo.

Speaking to Wheels magazine at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where the new Porsche Cayman was unveiled today, company president Matthias Muller said design and engineering work had already begun on "another sports car, above the 911".

"Something like a Ferrari 458?" he was asked.

"Sure, why not?" he said.

"It's a good idea, to take care of the sports heritage of our brand, and it should also be a success in economical terms.

"It would be lower volume, more expensive, more powerful, faster. And it would be a production car, not a limited edition (like the 1000-units only 918, which Porsche will launch next year)."

Mr Muller confirmed that design and engineering work had already been done on the new Porsche supercar, and hinted that it might break cover as soon as 2016.

The as yet unnamed uber Porsche -- codenamed 960 -- would become a new halo model for the brand, taking the place held by the legendary 911.

Mr Muller also confirmed such a car would be mid-engined, like the Cayman and Boxster, although he stopped short of confirming the rumoured V8 engine configuration.

"We feel that for a real sports car, a mid-engine layout is most appropriate," he said.

Mr Muller also said that the project would see technology sharing with other members of the giant Volkswagen group, including Lamborghini and Audi, which makes its own supercar, the R8.

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