New York hotel's $9500-a-night Bentley Suite

Are you a well-heeled business scion who can’t bear being separated from your beloved Bentley while away for work? The St Regis hotel in New York has partnered with the upper-crust British car maker to meet the needs of an emerging and slightly worrying market that not only wants to own and drive a Bentley but live and sleep in one as well.

No, the St Regis hasn’t put beds in Bentleys, it has completely renovated one of its largest suites to mirror Bentley automobile interiors. For just $9,500 a night, the Bentley Suite will let you lay your head on a pillow of the finest Connolly leather. Okay, we made that last bit up.

The suite, which occupies 1700 square feet on the hotel’s 15th floor, includes a foyer, dining room, lounge, bedroom and bathroom. Rich wood finishings, cream leather walls (yes, really) and black leather floor tiles (that too) deliver that authentic Bentley touch, while floor to ceiling windows in the lounge let one gaze on one’s domain with superiority and just a touch of disdain.

The suite comes with your very own butler and exclusive use of the hotel’s chauffeur-driven Mulsanne.

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