Ford's proud boast: "Look, mine's smaller than yours!"

The world of cars used to be all about “Mine’s Bigger Than Yours”, in true, blokey fashion, but not any more, as these photos of a Ford engine so small it can be taken on a plane as hand luggage prove.

Ford has shown off just how light its new 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine is, by taking it on a plane to Los Angeles for next week’s Motor Show as carry-on luggage.

Photos of the disassembled three-cylinder engine in a small suitcase have been published on Ford's Facebook site, with a caption claiming: “We're packing it in a carry-on for the Los Angeles Autoshow!”

Yes, this does seem like showing off of the highest order, and we should point out that the bit they’ve packed is merely the bare block of the engine, so many essential parts – including its highly vital turbocharger – are missing. And just like a laptop, or one of those highly dangerous deodorant cans, Ford had to drop the engine in a plastic tray and put it through the scanners.

The EcoBoost will soon be offered in the US in the updated Fiesta, which will arrive in Australia sometime in 2013.

The tiddly three-cylinder won the coveted International Engine of the Year award for 2012.

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