Ford completes 330 job cuts

WHEELS, Ford, fire, firing, Australia, 2012, 330 job cuts

It may have been 110 less than the 440 redundancies first mooted four months ago, but Ford Australia still had to fire 212 employees today, on top of the 118 volunteer redundancies received since the call went out in July.

With over half of the 330 lost jobs split between Broadmeadows and its 87-year old Geelong facility, Ford says the cuts are essential as it strives to reduce manufacturing capacity by 30 per cent in line with falling demand for Falcon.

Though of little comfort to the sacked employees, Ford says the 110 saved positions are the result of its 51 per cent share acquisition of FPV Ford Performance Vehicles from former majority stakeholder Prodrive. Subsequently Ford is moving FPV’s facilities in-house from January.

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