Cop this! LAPD gets all Terminator

No, the Ener-G-Force is not a drink that gives you wings, or a 1980s cartoon, but a glimpse of what a future G-Wagen military style SUV might look like.

Created for next week’s LA Show Design Challenge, which asked crayon wielders to come up with what a 2025 Highway Patrol Vehicle might look like, the annoyingly dubbed Ener-G-Force is a seven-seater crossover concept that might someday morph into Mercedes’ Range Rover-pummelling flagship. Maybe.

Despite the butch retro G-Wagen styling, there’s plenty of eco-imagineering executed within, including roof-mounted recycled water tanks for the fuel-cell tech, promising clean energy, high performance and 800km of range, while the side skirts house swappable battery packs.

Tell you what, if they actually build this we’ll eat all the tyres.

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