When cars and guitars collide

Many guitar amps come with wheels, though not usually of the alloy variety. But that's all changed with the new Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition.

VW has teamed up with the legendary guitar company to create a Beetle that is more appealing to male customers (and possibly rock stars, though we still doubt they'd go for a Beetle).

The Fender Edition has been unveiled in full production guise at the 2012 Leipzig Auto Show in Germany after it was teased as a concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year.

The Fender Edition's main feature is a 400 watt, nine speaker sound system inspired by some of the company's most renowned amplifiers, including two Fender Deluxe tweeters, two Fender Twin mid-bass speakers and a Fender Bassman subwoofer. And if these Instagram-style press pictures are anything to go by, you should be able to plug your axe directly into the Bug for some morning commute rocking. The media release doesn't officially confirm it though so we're still not sure on this one.

The dashboard is constructed from the sunburst wood featured on many of Fender's Stratocaster guitars and three complimentary Fender plectrums are also included. Sadly there are no free Telecasters or Stratocasters thrown in.

Every Fender Edition also comes with 18-inch aluminium-alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, Fender logos on the front quarter panels and can be bought in any colour — so long as it's one of two shades of black ("Black Uni" or "Deep Black Pearl Effect").

Choices of engine are the same as the four available on the regular Beetle line-up and include a 77kW and 118kW petrol, and a 77kW and 103kW turbo diesel.

The VW Beetle Fender Edition will go on sale in the UK in the first half of next year, with VW yet to confirm when it will be available locally.

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