Diamond paint is car-bling to end all car-bling

Well that's it. The world must finally have gone crazy as a company is offering to coat your car from bonnet to boot in 100 per cent pure diamonds.

In a world first German firm Gemballa — which markets itself as the world's number one Porsche tuner — has devised a process that involves grinding the rare gemstone down into tiny pieces so they are small enough to be applied as paint.

It's a modification so extravagant it's only previously been seen in the dreams of the Pimp My Ride team. The best they could do was gold-plate a car.

And there's nothing synthetic about these diamonds.

"Our complex process uses genuine diamonds as its key ingredient — not metal pigments, glass fragments, or crystals," explained Gemballa CEO Andreas Schwarz.

With carbon fibre becoming so popular in car materials these days, Gemballa also says that diamonds — which are a form of carbon — are the perfect complement to your premium ride.

This isn't just a one-off publicity stunt either. Gemballa is inviting the public (by that they mean the Clive Palmers and Gina Rineharts of the world) to have the paint applied to any car they like. And not just on the exterior — the paint is completely compatible with interiors as well. This makes us shudder at the thought of the number of carats required.

The exact price of the paint job? You asked, so you can't afford it.

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