Rolls Royce hearse lets you leave in style

They say you can't take it with you, so why not spend all your grandchildren's inheritance on this Phantom hearse from Rolls Royce?

For around $650,000 you'll get the most stylish, luxurious and comfortable funeral procession money can buy. Not that you'll be able to appreciate it by that point, though.

The behemoth Roller measures over 23 feet in length (or 7m in Gen-Y speak), making it the longest model currently available from the British marque. The extra inches are obviously due to the addition of a large rear cargo area for transporting the deceased, which is made entirely from over 600 individual pieces of aluminium.

The vehicle's designers also decided to keep the Phantom's rear doors, so up to five people can travel with their dearly departed.

Also carried over from the standard Phantom is the 333kW, 6.12-litre V12 engine. Good luck to the rest of the procession keeping up with that on the way to the cemetery.

The company responsible for the Phantom hearse, Biemme Special Cars, will officially unveil their creation at the upcoming Tan Expo funeral home show in Bologona, Italy.

Should be a heart-stopper (sorry).

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