Lamborghini reveal open-top Aventador J at Geneva

Lamborghini has made the biggest impact at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show so far after it unveiled the Aventador J: a 515kW lightweight version of the regular Aventador LP700-4.

The Aventador J looks to be going for the track day sport-bike car style, ala the KTM X-Bow, as it does away with comforts like sat nav and climate control to reduce weight - not to mention the roof and windshield which have been replaced by two small wind deflectors. Lamborghini have also made use of a new carbon fibre technology called ‘Carbonskin’ which makes up the cockpit trim and seats.

The Aventador J retains the V12 engine and AWD system from the regular Aventador, allowing it to travel capably at speeds of over 300km/h even without a roof. Helmet and leathers are advisable though.

Only a single Aventador J has been built, and Lamborghini say that one lucky (and cashed up) punter will be driving it home from Geneva.

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