Gumpert Apollo Enraged brings the fury at Geneva

Gumpert has revealed what is quite possibly the angriest sounding car of all time (in name, not engine note – although it might be as well) at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show: a variant of its Apollo called the Enraged.

The Enraged is basically your standard Apollo – if anything about the Apollo can be called “standard” – with everything made just a bit madder. Power from the 4.2 litre Audi V8 has been increased to 574kW, while weight has been brought down to 1,175kg.

Gumpert says the Enraged is the most powerful street-legal car it has ever unleashed on the road. But “street-legal” just isn’t enough for these guys, so they’ve also put out the Apollo R – a 633kW/1,100kg version that unfortunately isn’t exactly street legal.

"Ok, so perhaps it is a bit crazy to take the most extreme, barely still street legal vehicle and make it even more extreme," said Roland Gumpert. "But the idea behind the Enraged, just like the Apollo R itself, embodies our philosophy and our understanding of Pure German Speed with absolute consistency."

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