Four new VW Up! concepts coming to Geneva

Four new VW Up! concepts coming to Geneva

Volkswagen has teased four new designs of its Up! city car ahead of their debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The concepts will be known as the Swiss Up!, Winter Up!, X Up! and Cargo Up!

The Swiss Up! pays tribute the motor show’s host country with its bright red paint job with contrasting white door mirrors, as well as seat backs containing leather bands for storing Swiss army knives.

The arctic white Winter Up! is based on the Cross Up! from the Frankfurt Motor Show and features increased ride height and under body protection to assist in snowy weather. It also comes with a couple of snowboards on the roof as well.

The X Up! is the bright orange one and it features a roof box containing search lights for the late-night driver.

Lastly, the Cargo Up! does away with the regular car’s rear seats to make it a sort of city car delivery van, with 1400 litres of load space and a 426kg payload.

The four concepts will be fully revealed alongside the new five-door Up! when the 2012 Geneva Motor Show opens to the motoring press this Wednesday.

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