Ford upgrades Fiesta Econetic to 3.3L/100km

Ford upgrades Fiesta Econetic to 3.3L/100km

Ford has announced a series of upgrades to the frugal Fiesta Econetic, resulting in CO2 emissions reduced to 87g/km and a claimed 2.7L/100km – a 12 per cent improvement overall.

To achieve these gains Ford has overhauled the Fiesta Econetic's 70kW 1.6-litre TDCi turbodiesel engine, reducing friction, improving the combustion process and tweaking the engine management.

At the same time it’s also fitted stop-start and a “smart” regenerative charging system, as well as a new “EcoMode”. Improvements to the air conditioning system, the cooling fan and the alternator bring further gains.

This is in addition to an existing eco kit list that includes special aerodynamics, low rolling resistance tyres, variable flow oil pump and gearshift indicator.

As a result the new Fiesta Econetic's claimed 3.3L/100km with 87g/km CO2 emissions represent significant improvements over the 3.6L/100km and 95g/km CO2 claims of before.

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