Audi brings AWD back to the racetrack with R18 e-tron Quattro

Audi will be bringing its Quattro AWD technology to Le Mans with its new hybrid LMP1 racer, the R18 e-tron Quattro.

The R18’s turbo diesel powertrain will be supplemented by the four-wheel drive system, as well as a hybrid propulsion system that regenerates energy under braking – similar to the way F1’s KERS system works. The energy captured in the flywheel is sent to the front wheels during acceleration, while the hard work is done by the Audi’s V6 TDI engine that feeds 375kW to the rear wheels.

Two R18’s will make their race debut at the Spa 6-hour race in May before moving on to Le Mans in June.

This means that the race of the hybrids is on between Audi and Toyota, who revealed its TS030 Le Mans hybrid earlier in the year

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