Audi A8 L W12

This is currently the most expensive Audi A8 on the books - the A8 L W12. In fact, it's the fourth most expensive Audi full stop, just beneath the R8 V8 Spyder and both versions of the R8 V10.

To decode that model designation, the L stands for long-wheelbase - meaning an extra 130mm of rear legroom - while the W12 part tells of scant regard for petrol prices and emissions regulations.

Yes, this A8 is powered by essentially the same 6.3-litre 12-cylinder engine you'll find under the bonnet of many a Bentley, which, in terms of configuration at least, means it's also related to the W16 that propels the Bugatti Veyron.

Inevitably, this is a very fast very large car. Quattro four-wheel drive means the quoted 4.7-second 0-100km/h is achievable in almost any weather, but it's the way it goes from waft to rocket at highway speeds that underlines its immense performance.

If you've got the cash, like Audi design and what the brand stands for, then the A8 W12 L is arguably the ultimate expression of this, and you'll want to dive right in. It has technical superlatives a-go-go, properly majestic performance and superb build quality.

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