2012 Honda EV-STER revealed

Honda has always been good at small sportscars, and with downsizing and efficiency increasingly important on both manufacturers' and buyers' agendas, the EV-STER concept looks set to please all sides.

The EV-STER is Honda's embodiment of a super environmentally friendly roadster. With an all-electric powertrain in a small two-seat chassis, the futuristic EV-STER is pretty damn cool.

The EV-STER has been designed to Japanese Kei-car regulations, which means a maximum length of 3.4 metres and a maximum width of 1.48 metres. As such, the EV-STER is roadster concentrate, personified. Like a slightly enlarged go-kart, we reckon it'd be a hoot to pilot, with its joystick controls, too.

As a result of the Kei-car regs though, the EV-STER could get a more humdrum 46kW 660cc three-cylinder engine instead of hi-tech all-electric drive. We can't help thinking it'd be a missed opportunity to create what looks to be a cracking little roadster if it really does end up with only 46kW on tap.

The EV-STER's electric motor will catapult the car from 0-100km/h in five seconds dead, while a 160km/h terminal velocity and 160km range should be attainable. Honda reckons the car's battery pack can be fully charged in two hours with a 200-volt connection, rising to three hours with a 100-volt electric input.

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