MINI Clubvan concept for Geneva 2012

MINI has launched its most controversial new concept model yet - a two-seat MINI van concept that aims to be a must have for premium small businesses.

The new MINI Clubvan Concept will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2012, as MINI tests the water for a likely production version of the totally unique new model.

MINI says the Clubvan is a new compact van for business and leisure: 'the first premium model in the small car-based van segment'.

As the name suggests, the MINI Clubvan is based on the MINI Clubman. It is a simple conversion too, as there are no major changes to bodywork or mechanical structure. The wheelbase is no longer, and the rear panels are the same - the glass has simply been replaced with body-coloured polycarbonate panels.

MINI has retained the layout of the Clubman for the Clubvan. Its twin rear doors have heavily tinted glass windows so people can't see in. The side Clubdoor also remains, giving this the rather ingenious added feature of easy side access (no rival can match that). Shame it's on the 'road' side for Aussie cars...

However, despite apparently being controversial, there is a rich history to call upon. The Mini van has been around almost as long as the Mini itself: the modern MINI brand will be hoping to use some of this heritage to ensure the Clubvan wins plenty of headlines when it debuts at Geneva Motor Show 2012.

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