Aston Martin opens new heritage showroom

Classic Aston Martins are things of sublime beauty - whether it's the flowing curves of a 60s DB4 or DB5, or the rugged looks of the 1970s V8 Vantage, a very British muscle car. And now you can buy one through an official Aston Heritage dealership.

The British sportscar marque has opened an official Heritage Showroom in West London through Nicholas Mee & Co, long-standing specialists in fettling and selling iconic Astons.

There won't be a restriction on minimum age either. Discerning Aston customers will be able to choose from early DB models, right the way through to the firm's most recent efforts, including the Vanquish and the very latest in the DB series, the DB9.

Aston has always been cool. After all, James Bond is a fan, so we're sure there'll be plenty of customers with enough cash just waiting to get into a classic example - especially now they can have one with official endorsement.

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