We drive the four-cylinder Falcon

In next month’s Wheels we answer the year’s worst-kept secret and deliver the verdict on the first-ever four-cylinder Falcon.

Ford gave us full-day access to its You Yangs proving ground to fang the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder prototype and directly compares its performance with the twice-the-capacity, but naturally-aspirated 4.0-litre inline six.

Despite being around 100kg heavier than its front-drive Mondeo Ecoboost sibling, and using the same engine, the Falcon Ecoboost actually proved quicker to 100km/h. So although Ford won’t yet talk specific power and torque figures, it’s guaranteed that the Falc’s outputs will be substantially higher than the Mondeo’s 149kW/300Nm; the same engine in the Focus ST produces 184kW/360Nm, which sounds bang-on the money.

Besides the strange feeling of hearing a zingy turbo-four rev from under the bonnet of a Falcon, the Ecoboost proved no dunger to drive. In fact there’s a whole lot less weight over the front wheels, improving front-end sharpness. Could this lightest Falcon also be the sweetest-handling variant? For drive impressions, check out Wheels January issue, on-sale December 21.

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