Porsche launches hardcore limousine

Porsche pulled the only surprise rabbit out of the hat at the Los Angelese Auto Show with the announcement of its hardcore Panamera GTS.

Following the same formula set by its four-wheel drive sibling, the Cayenne, the GTS-spec four-door, four-seater limousine packs a more powerful 4.8-litre naturally-aspirated V8 producing 316kW and 520Nm, which is good enough to propel the all-wheel drive express it from 0-100km/h in 4.5sec.

The extra grunt (22kW and 20Nm) over the standard Panamera 4S has been extracted through minor tweaks to the engine's management system, which has also lifted its peak engine speed to 7100rpm, as well as, camshaft, valve train, induction and exhaust upgrades. The engine's burly V8 soundtrack has also been amplified with a Sound Symposer, which at the touch of a Sport button, directs more intake noise into the cabin for added aural theatre.

The Panamera's all-wheel drive system has also been tweaked to provide more rear-bias handling characteristics, the air suspension has been lowered by 10mm and the 19-inch Turbo-style wheels offer more width than the standard car for increased steering response.

The GTS also gets the flagship Turbo model's front bumper with larger air intakes and its origami-like rear spoiler for added downforce at high speeds. The model will be added to Porsche's Australian lineup from April next year, costing $315,300.

Keep an eye out for MOTOR's January issue, on sale December 14, for more news.

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