New Nissan PIVO 3 concept car of the future

Nissan has unveiled the brand new PIVO 3 concept car ahead of the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show in December - a compact all-electric urban commuter vehicle that majors in smarts.

As the name suggests, the PIVO 3 follows two previous generations of Nissan PIVO concept, all exploring a similar electric urban mobility theme.

The integrated 'Robotic Agent' interface has returned from the PIVO 2. This functions as a digital personal assistant, using cloud computing technology to deliver content relevant to the current driver.

Other high-tech touches include the use of cameras instead of rear view mirrors, fully incorporated into Nissan's Around View Monitor system, which allows you to see right round the car.

As an all-electric car, the PIVO 3 is intended to be as eco friendly as possible, and represents a future of distributed power grids, rather than central ones - it's even able to sell electricity back to the network at times of high demand.

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