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Last month, a report out of Russia showed a rare, red-fur albino that was rejected by its mother but saved by a local animal-lover. Draw your own conclusions, but we reckon that BMW modelled its new 1 Series off the lonely creature.

Similarly, the front of the original VW Tiguan has more than a hint of koala about it, despite the name referencing ‘tiger’ and ‘iguana’. The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the hottest supercars ever built, but its aero-enhancing air intake slats makes it appear as though it bailed Italy and grew a Mexican moustache. All it needs is a sombrero. Creatures from the deep also make an appearance in the HSV GTS and Peugeot 407, we reckon, what with their oddly-shaped grilles mimicking a wide-mouthed fish.

Finally, away from animals, the 2001 VW Polo and current Nissan X-Trail and Skoda Yeti all share headlights that appear dopey-eyed, with more than a hint of Harry Potter’s glasses about them.

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