Street race ends with $2 million worth of luxury cars impounded

In news that will make any luxury-car aficionado shed a tear – or hundreds – police in Vancouver seized 13 sports cars worth $2 million after a dangerous street race that witnesses say reached speeds of 200 kph.

The cavalcade of luxury cars faced off last Wednesday afternoon on a busy highway. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the sirens of police cars dominated the engine roars.

“The majority of them had personalized plates as well and were souped-up, so they're fairly distinguished,” Inspector Bryon Massie of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the CBC.

The detained prized (and pricy) possessions included a Ferrari, three Lamborghinis, three Nissans, two Maseratis, two Mercedes, an Audi and an Aston Martin, together totalling more than $2 million.

And if that hefty price tag doesn’t strike a match of envy in you, the following information will.

The drivers were all under 21 years, and six of them were brand new drivers, still sporting British Columbia's mandatory “N” decal denoting a novice driver who's been learning for fewer than two years.

Guess they’ll be asking their parents to cover the impound fees and ticket costs which, luckily for them, won’t be as excessive as thought, since no actual cops caught the speeders.

"We have to really depend on third-party individuals who had called in," RCMP Superintendant Norm Gaumont told the Vancouver Sun. Because of the current lack of evidence, the 13 drivers face a ticket of only $196, charged with “driving without due consideration for others.”

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