Jaguar's 2014 E-Type

Jaguar is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic E-Type with a futuristic vision of how its spiritual successor will appear: the C-X16 Concept. The all-aluminium two-seater features a cutting-edge hybrid drivetrain and is fully expected to make production.

"Jaguar has set in place bold, ambitious plans for the future," said Jaguar's Global Brand Director, Adrian Hallmark. "This production concept demonstrates the depth of design and engineering ability we have within Jaguar to make these plans come to life."

The C-X16's front-mounted 3.0-litre supercharged all-alloy V6 engine (a modular development of the AJV8 5.0-litre) produces 280kW and 450Nm. It's also mated to an eight-speed auto, but that's only half the story. An electro-hydraulic brake energy regeneration system on the rear axle stores 1.6kWh in a lithium-ion battery pack mounted behind the seats.

When you push the red ‘push-to-pass' button on the steering wheel, the stored energy is converted into an extra 70kW/235Nm by an electric motor for up to ten seconds. It's a great example of Formula One KERS technology making its way to the road. Tapping petrol and electric engines together, the C-X16 will hit 100km/h in 4.4sec, and eventually a top speed of 300km/h.

Sources indicate the C-X16 will be named XE in production, and will be based on a shrunken version of the flagship XKR platform. It is expected to hit showrooms around 2014.

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