Rowan Atkinson crashes McLaren F1

Rowan Atkinson crashed his McLaren F1 supercar for the second time, with reports saying the star comedian ‘cheated death’ after the car spun, collided with a road sign and set on fire.

Report from the UK is that Atkinson is believed to have lost control of the McLaren and spun it several times. It then smashed into a tree and a road sign. After coming to rest beside the carriageway, it set on fire.

Atkinson was taken to hospital after the accident with what is believed to be a shoulder injury.

Atkinson bought his maroon McLaren F1 back in 1997, to celebrate the success of his movie role in Mr. Bean. He made the headlines in 1999 after crashing the iconic supercar for the first time: he wrecked the front of it after hitting a Rover Metro in Scotland.

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