Blonde Supercar crash

A parade showcasing some of the world’s best and most expensive supercars ended with one hapless blonde crashing her $370,000 Bentley Azure into a $111,000 Mercedes S Class.

But that was not the end of the supercar debacle. Monte Carlo's Place du Casino became chaotic when the driver – her identity restricted to “the blonde” – crashed her 2.7 tonne beast into a $207,000 black Ferrari F430, before crashing head-first into $118,000 Porsche 911 and a $207,000 Aston Martin Rapide.

As expected, this expensive bingle caused quite a scene and makes for one memorable insurance claim. It is estimated the crash will cost more than $59,000 with the Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin requiring new front wings and bumpers. The Bentley will need the same repairs, plus a new door.

Unfortunately, this story does not help remove the stereotype that women drivers make men nervous.
Scientists at the University of Michigan looked at 6.5million car crashes and found a higher than expected number of accidents between two female drivers.

Hey, the facts don’t lie!

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