Tesla Model S Alpha

Tesla Model S Alpha

Tesla has released the first new images of its nearly production-ready Model S electric sedan, known as the Model S Alpha during these last development stages.

The styling of the Model S Alpha appears largely unchanged, the concept's sleek four-door-coupe proportions carrying over into production. The front end sees a restyled bumper, while the XF-like rear lights get a new lens design.

It will be Tesla's first new model since the groundbreaking Roadster debuted in 2008, with left-hand-drive production expected to begin in 2012.

The first Australian right-hand-drive models are expected to hit local roads sometime around the middle of 2013.

The Model S also represents Tesla's push toward becoming a volume-selling brand, with its initial 12-month and 5000-unit production schedule expected to grow to 20,000 per year.

By comparison, the company has built just 1500 of its Roadster cars since its launch in 2008.

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