NSW Motorists Regain Speeding Leeway

NSW Motorists Regain Speeding Leeway

Following news that the former NSW Labor government had abolished the state's margin of error on speeding, the new Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner has moved to have the leeway reinstated.

Mr Stoner has this week ordered the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority to reverse a decision to axe the leeway - a move which would have seen motorists fined for exceeding the speed limit by 1km/h.

Although he did not reveal a new leeway, Mr Stoner also confirmed that the margin of error would be increased from the original 3km/h tolerance revealed in leaked documents last week.

“A NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is determined to earn the trust of motorists by changing the culture of road safety," Mr Stoner told Fairfax.

“We will listen to road safety experts who understand the realities of driving and not make snap decisions simply because it will pull in a few bucks."

Mr Stoner added that the new NSW Government will launch a 'Fair Go for Safe Drivers' scheme, which will see licence renewal fees halved for motorists with a clean driving record for the past five years.

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