Roger Rogerson book signing

Roger Rogerson book signing

‘Ere, ‘ere, ‘ere… what's the former detective doing making a personal appearance to push his new book at a motoring book shop? Because he's a car guy, that's why.

Roger Rogerson, the colourful ex copper with a more recognisable face and name in NSW than the current police commissioner (whoever he is...) and the current police minister (whoever he is...) , has a new book out highlighting his remarkable, headline-making life in and out of the force. And in and out of prison. Appropriately enough, it's called The Dark Side.

This Thursday November 19, between noon and 1.30, Rogerson will be the intriguing star of a Very Special Signing at Autobookworld, 207 Clarence Street in Sydney.

Why a specialist car bookshop?

Rogerson didn't make his name as a purveyor or collector of motor cars, but he admits to being something of a car buff. And littered among the corpses and firearms and lurid anecdotes in the pages of the The Dark Side are plenty of car chases, police paddy wagons and pursuit vehicles.

It's justification enough.

Autobookworld advises that if you're unable to make it to the shop in person to talk with the gregarious Rogerson, you can reserve a signed copy of The Dark Side by phoning through an order.

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