Midlife makeover for Citroen C3

We know the C3 is getting on in its life cycle, but a receding hairline?

The balding Frenchman has been re-booted and revised for 2010 with new engines, equipment levels, and that receding windscreen from the Picasso people mover, dubbed 'Zenith' by the carmaker.

The big news is the engine range, which includes a three-cylinder HDi 90 DPFS diesel claiming 99 g/km CO2 emissions, stop-start tech, and five- and six-speed 'electronic' gearboxes.

The exterior has been pulled in and flattened, doing away with the bubbly roundness of the previous design and bringing it in line with current car fashion. Chrome highlights, revised lights, and a new palette also update the look.

Inside, the car features iPod and Bluetooth connectivity , along with an in-car nav and surround sound stereo, the latter being optional.

The new C3 is due here in about a year, and launches in Europe in November.

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