Ford - The Wheels Report 2015

Ford - The Wheels Report 2015


It’s difficult to refer to Ford’s recent sales results as anything but dismal. Its apparent lack of interest in selling anything but a ute makes for poor reading; Falcon down 4pc, Fiesta down 32pc, Focus down 58pc, Kuga down 22pc. Oh, and the all-new Mondeo has been outsold by the dated model it replaces (a car, admittedly, Ford pushed onto the market with big discounts).

Rank: 6
2015: 68K
2016: 77K
Grade: D-


Anything not designed to go off-road. Ford has almost no pull with its light, small and medium cars, something that needs to change to revive former glories. The cars are good; the brand, sales pitch and customer service seem on the nose. At least the overpriced Everest provides a growth opportunity, while the freshened Focus could also lift. Mustang will add some incremental growth and focus a spotlight on the brand.


The end of the Falcon and Territory. Production winds up in October, not only taking two modest-selling models out of the mix (there will likely still be some in dealerships in early 2017), but also potentially robbing management of valuable brainpower as it manages the complex task of shutting down a major manufacturing facility. Ford also has to find a way to convince family buyers to walk into its dealerships.


Rarely listens and doesn’t seem to learn much. A poor performer in recent years, with little to suggest that’s going to change in 2016. Ford needs to change – and quickly – if it’s to regain some of the ground lost in recent years. But some key rivals are also in for a tough year, so the brand is likely to attain fifth.

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  • Ever seen a current Falcon advert? Dont even show on their general adverts, As mentioned before, no advertisng so sales drop, so they can banter that poor sales leads to Falcon being discontinued, usual Ford hierachy driven by the yanks. The recent article by Wheels on why the Falcon died was excellent in promoting the care the Yanks had for Ford Oz. I have had 2 current Yank built 4wds from another manufacturer, they will be my last. Constant poor build quality, gremlins in the electrics, poor company care. The union driven American car industry made sure that Ford Oz would not sell Falcons there which are superior to the 30 year old architecture they built themselves. Ford have some great cars in the imported lineup as do Holden with the German gear, but it is such a competitve market place that will the badge alone keep people in dealerships with no local car?. Mitsubishi have worked hard to do this, but I think have struggled to grow. We need less car models in Australia, there is as a saturation of vehicle choice. VALE Falcon, Territory and Commodore
  • It's a sad story. Our LS Focus is a very good car and our FGII XR6 Turbo is magnificent. Ford always undersell their most exciting vehicles - never ever saw a TV add for the short-lived but fantastic V6 Capri of the early 70s (miss that beast), nor for the 2-Door Falcons though motor racing substituted for that. I noted the comment below about the ugly AUs (designed to align with the Taurus is would appear) which was partly true though our 2002 AU XR6 VCT was a great looking car and went very well. Having controlled a vehicle fleet in the past delivery of vehicles was a major issue. Ford Transits were desirable but took three times longer to acquire that a Toyota and twice as long as for a Mazda. Explains why Toyota dominate the commercial market. If Ford release the last XR6 Turbo with the LPi LPG option I'd kill for one...
  • Yes, I suppose that you are right in your summary. I have worked with Ford for over 30 years and I feel that the real issue with Ford is that they have plants all over the world that supply product to Ford Australia and unfortunately these plants treat Ford Aus as a second class client. There is always a big deal made of impending new models that receive great revues but this is never backed up by supply and tier one marketing to support these new products. What always seems to happen is that any good will generated by these new models dies away when both customers and dealers can not get stock and then finally both parties lose interest and then it becomes difficult to re-energise interest. Look at the Mondeo and the new Lz Focus as perfect examples. Both are new and have won awards here but try and buy or even test drive one!! Let me just say that as a Dealer it is heart breaking when clients arrive all excited and you can't even show them the car that they are interested in let alone quote an accurate delivery time. This is just not good enough in today's market especially when you are trying to change or re-build the brand's image.
  • A quick overview of a very complex arguement. Ford are to blame for their own future, being employed in the O.E industry for many years I have seen, decision after decision to support this opinion. AU Falcon, one of the most ugliest cars on the market. After the purchasing officers got through with it and its suppliers, the car had no chance of representing anything suitable for the Australian market. This policy has continued in most of their local base models, Ford cuts most advertising on locally made vehicles, the decision to move out of production in Australia is made behind closed door. The rumours are leaked out and sales of locally made cars are declining. Ford use the sales numbers as reason to move production out. They believe that the import cars will carry the brand forward, but since the release of their locally made cars has had minimal marketing and design budgets due to the companies closure policy the sales still go down. US put a stop to export of the locally made products, product testing of the X.R series in the UK, Falcons rate highly. The turbo Falcon even higher Ford US, tell Ford Australia to stop as local UK dealers are requesting turbo Falcons to compete with the new revitalised Jag. Ford are yet to learn that due to their decisions in the past 12 years they have damaged their brand to such a point that it will take years to come back. They also don't understand that their brand Falcon, is actually stronger brand than Ford. Ford released the news of an exit out of Australia manufacturing, all other car manufacturers had to leave as the local suppliers to the car manufactures could not control their costs due to a massive drop in volume. Ford US had planned this move a long time ago. This is only my opinion Ford Australia Enjoy
  • I would love to hate you Toby but.....your so right! The most disappointing thing it that Ford vehicles are actually quite good to drive and own these days, we do seem to get lot of awards these days as proof, but we just don't seem be able to share the news or engage buyers and if we do there were is always a horrible story about the dealer exerperiance or the availablilty to even buy a Ford banded car, Ranger, Mondeo, any ST, God forbid you want a Mustang. Focus seems to be a great thing even on features and price but still it seems a opertunity lost by Ford, Kuga is a great vehicle also, but it's hard to make consumers make the technology/feature walk on cost and compare to the others in the segment. Let's hope that the local engineering investment helps people consider Ford as a purchase, even without my Ford cap on they are great vehicles, if you can get your bum on a seat there a fair chance you'll buy one.
  • My father-in-law tried every Ford dealer in Canberra to test drive a new Mondeo - only to be told there are none in Canberra, but they would call him when one came in. He's still waiting for that call but bought a new Mazda 6 anyway... Very poor effort Ford...