THE Wheels Report

ANOTHER year has ended, the final bell has rung, and school is out for Australia's largest car brands. Time for Wheels to see who makes the grade, who doesn't, and who has a lot more homework to do before 2016 rolls around. Welcome to The Wheels Report for 2015.

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Toyota - Wheels Report 2016

Toyota loves stretch targets – such as the one to sell one in every four cars in Australia – but 2016 was an indication of the headwind the bran...

Mazda - Wheels Report 2016

Mazda was on track for a sales record in 2016, with 120,000 cars in sight. SUVs were again strong, with the company producing two of the top thr...

Hyundai - Wheels Report 2016

It was an up and down year for Hyundai, much of it driven by what deals (and models) were in the market.

Holden - Wheels Report 2016

An underwhelming year for Holden on the sales front, down eight percent, largely due to old models (Cruze, Captiva and Barina) that lack showroo...

Ford - Wheels Report 2016

The headline number for Ford is growth of 17 percent, at least quadruple that of its key competitors. It’s the first time in some 12 years that...

Mitsubishi - Wheels Report 2016

In one small way that’s a good thing, helping to stave off a sales slump on some models and allowing Mitsubishi to post growth in 2016.

Nissan - Wheels Report 2016

Nissan (again) relied heavily on SUVs. It dropped some of its passenger cars (Pulsar hatch and Mirage) and, despite a very expensive race progra...

Volkswagen - Wheels Report 2016

It was a year of rebuilding for Volkswagen after the shock of the emissions cheating scandal, which required many meetings with government depar...

Subaru - Wheels Report 2016

It was all about crossovers for Subaru in 2016. Between the top-selling Forester and Outback, and the still-popular XV, high-riding soft-roaders...

Jaguar - The Wheels Report 2015

The XE was by far the biggest-selling Jag, but is it enough to worry the German big guns?

Volkswagen - The Wheels Report 2015

There are 17 models on Volkswagen’s books, but Golf does the bulk of the heavy lifting

Nissan - The Wheels Report 2015

It’s all about SUVs for Nissan, with almost two-thirds of its sales coming from the high-riding wagons.

Ford - The Wheels Report 2015

It’s difficult not to refer to Ford’s recent sales results as anything but dismal.

Mitsubishi - The Wheels Report 2015

It has been a rare positive year for Mitsubishi, but its climb up the charts has all been off the back of the new Triton ute and some cracking d...

Holden - The Wheels Report 2015

There have been few shining lights on the Holden sales front, especially with the looming manufacturing closure