THE Wheels Report

ANOTHER year has ended, the final bell has rung, and school is out for Australia's largest car brands. Time for Wheels to see who makes the grade, who doesn't, and who has a lot more homework to do before 2016 rolls around. Welcome to The Wheels Report for 2015.

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Jaguar - The Wheels Report 2015

The XE was by far the biggest-selling Jag, but is it enough to worry the German big guns?

Volkswagen - The Wheels Report 2015

There are 17 models on Volkswagen’s books, but Golf does the bulk of the heavy lifting

Nissan - The Wheels Report 2015

It’s all about SUVs for Nissan, with almost two-thirds of its sales coming from the high-riding wagons.

Ford - The Wheels Report 2015

It’s difficult not to refer to Ford’s recent sales results as anything but dismal.

Mitsubishi - The Wheels Report 2015

It has been a rare positive year for Mitsubishi, but its climb up the charts has all been off the back of the new Triton ute and some cracking d...

Holden - The Wheels Report 2015

There have been few shining lights on the Holden sales front, especially with the looming manufacturing closure

Hyundai - The Wheels Report 2015

Much of Hyundai’s 2015 success has been down to red-hot deals such as $19,990 driveaway i30 autos

Mazda - The Wheels Report 2015

CX-3 shot to the top of the small-SUV sales charts and has enduring appeal beyond the narrower product ranges of its rivals

Toyota - The Wheels Report 2015

Continued dominance in the small and medium segments, as well as a broad range of top-selling SUVs, makes Toyota a sales force to be reckoned with

Toyota - The Wheels Report 2014

Needs to apply more in light of intense competition. Share has slipped but Toyota retains solid grasp on number one position. Growth tricky to c...

Mazda - The Wheels Report 2014

Teacher’s pet. Having taken a rest from massive growth over the past decade Mazda is poised to jump back on the horse and get the chart pointing...

Holden - The Wheels Report 2014

Not reaching its potential. With little in the way of new – or at least refreshed – metal that will bring significant volume, and competitors ye...

Hyundai - The Wheels Report 2014

An astute performer that listens, but can’t get complacent. Renewed vigour to Hyundai, unlikely to let up in 2015 with important new models and...

Ford - The Wheels Report 2014

Once great at core subject, but staring out the window since. Plenty coming to the road but Ford still struggles to sell anything not built in A...

Mitsubishi - The Wheels Report 2014

Struggles with some subjects. It’s too little too late for Mitsubishi in 2015. A new Triton will be a welcome sight for dealers, but the rest of...