HSV GTS-R new vs old walkaround video

‘OF ITS time’ would be one way of describing the HSV GTS-R. There’s no doubt that Clayton’s winged wonder is a high-proof hit of pure Nineties bravado, but it’s hard not to love something this extreme.

Watch as editor Alex Inwood gets distracted from his 474kW slug of here and now, seduced by 215kW of attitude dressed up in big licks of carbon fibre, three-spoke alloys and retina-searing XU-3 Yellah.

Video: HSV GTS-R W1 vs HSV Senator LSA drag race

Every bit as advanced back then as the W1 is today, the original HSV GTS-R became a cult, its stroker 5.7-litre engine giving the car an authentically cantankerous motorsports vibe. With HSV celebrating thirty years of production, it’s well worth checking out what has to be one of the company’s engineering high water marks.

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