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Holden Supercar

If you’ve been too busy to spend your week glued to social media, don’t worry, we have your back. Welcome to our snack-sized roundup of the best stories of the past seven days.


infiniti vc t engine rear

Infiniti claims to have revolutionised the engine

Variable compression technology highlighted as the next big step in engine development

Infiniti dropped a bombshell this week and revealed it has developed a new engine with variable compression technology. So, what the hell does that mean?! Well, the easy answer is the petrol engine consumes 27 percent less fuel, yet can match the performance outputs of engines up to 50 percent larger. This technology has the ability to revolutionise the modern combustion engine. Read about how it all works here.

 Holden Supercar comgen

REVEALED: Holden’s top secret Veyron beater

The unheard story behind Holden’s plans to beat the world with a Super Ute

In a special Wheels investigation, we expose the most important car Holden never made. Australian designed and developed, this all-electric hypercar would have been faster to the speed-limit than a Bugatti Veyron. However, after an internal reveal, the project was killed off by bosses at Detroit. Get the full rundown on the secret project in this month’s magazine – on sale now!


Holden hangs up ‘for sale’ sign at $400m engine plant

Buyers can now go and pick over what’s left of the factory that made the engines that powered millions of cars.

If you have some spare change lying around, and feel like grabbing some stuff for your shed, Holden is having Australia’s largest garage sale. The Lion Brand is putting its Port Melbourne engine plant up for sale. It is another sombre reminder the end of local manufacturing continues to edge ever closer.

Rolls Royce Ghost driving front side

Living with a Rolls-Royce would be a nightmare

Just a weekend with a Rolls-Royce Ghost was a pain in the arse for Stahly

Most mere mortals can only dream of driving a Rolls-Royce Ghost, even for a weekend. However, when Michael Stahl was thrown the keys to the super-limo…he hated it! It turns out the icon of luxury can be a real nightmare to live with in modern suburban Australia. It’s okay Stahly, we can get you something more your style next time – maybe a Prius?

 Cadillac CTS front side

2018 Cadillac CTS, CTS-V, CT6 spied in Melbourne

What’s this fleet of Cadillacs doing in Melbourne? And do they feature the new 370kW V8?

Thanks to some eagle-eyed Wheels readers, we were able to reveal a squad of Cadillac’s testing on Australian roads, free from camouflage. Holden and GM say this is perfectly normal, but it didn’t stop us getting excited at the prospect of the cars eventually going on sale Down Under. Get the scoop with our spy pics!

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