Go inside forced induction with this fascinating website

How a supercharger works

Shining a light on the once dark art of turbos and superchargers with some exciting and inspiring interactive explanations.

FORCED induction can be a dark art. Superchargers, turbochargers, roots-style, twin-scroll, centrifugal – you can be easily forgiven for not understanding the ins and outs of every single variation.

It may be shameful to admit, but not everyone has an engineer’s level of understanding when it comes to pub discussions.

But fear not, because Aussie tyre company Tyroola has a website that is here to help.

Simply named Supercharger vs. Turbocharger, the site includes interactive animations that allow you to truly understand how the wonders of forced induction work.

Each step of the procedure is labelled clearly, and you are able to break down the entire process in easy to digest pieces.

TurbochargerWhat is truly fascinating is the look at different styles of forced induction. We all know more boost equals more power, but this website shows exactly how that is achieved.

The site isn’t reserved solely for those looking for some ammo for lunch-time discussions. Even if you are across the ins-and-outs of forced induction, the animations make for fascinating viewing, and it’s easy to lose hours moving your way around the interactive explanations.

Before long, you will find yourself inside a turbocharger, watching the firing order of pistons. It’s genuinely fascinating.

The coolest thing about the site is the way it makes a technology that would have most people without automotive minds tuning out, into something fascinating. Show it to your family, children, parents, and friends; share a little bit of knowledge so that others understand what makes something as crude as a combustion engine a life-long obsession for car enthusiasts.

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