Mike Simcoe’s Greatest Hits

Mike Simcoe

He’s shaped some of our most beloved cars, but now Mike Simcoe has the best car design job in the business. Here’s a six-pack of his best.

Aussie Mike Simcoe has gone from a kid pinning Holden posters on his wall to having the biggest job in the automotive design world – the head of General Motors’ global design team. What’s more impressive is that his University lecturers discouraged him from getting into auto design, and he only joined Holden in 1983 to make some fast money.

Mike -Simcoe -at -lunch -with -Glenn -ButlerYou may have owned, merely driven or simply been among Simcoe’s motoring gems over the past three decades. Here are six of the best cars led by the man who brought back the Monaro and gave us

Buick -Sceptre -front1992Buick Sceptre concept – produced during Simcoe’s first two-year stint at GM’s Warren design studio in the US.

1997-Holden -Commodore -VT1997Holden Commodore VT. All-time most popular Commodore sold (96,642 examples in 1998 alone). Spawned a myriad of derivatives.

Holden -Coupe -Concept1998Holden Commodore Coupe concept. First sketched on a wall at home. Became the Monaro and Pontiac GTO.

2006-Holden -Commodore -VE2006Holden Commodore VE. The most complete, most Australian vehicle ever developed. GFC foils plans for it to spawn a generation of GM cars.

Chevrolet -Camaro -yellow2010Chevrolet Camaro. Based on VE’s Zeta architecture. A massive hit in the US.

Buick -Avenir -Concept2015Buick Avenir concept. Exterior by Warrack Leach. Beautifully proportioned rear-drive large car won Best Concept Vehicle at the 2015 Detroit show.

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