The world's most expensive car: $55 million Ferrari

The world’s economy might be in the toilet, but that hasn’t stopped the super-rich from dropping big bucks on shiny pieces of metal like this ultra-rare Ferrari 250 GTO.

Yep this 250, known as ‘chassis 5111’ has just sold for…$55.63 million ($52m US) in a private deal, easily making it the world’s most expensive car.

Sold by car collector Paul Pappalardo, the 250 GTO’s price tag is a staggering 49 percent higher than the previous most expensive car – another 250 GTO previously owned by Stirling Moss – which fetched $36.6 million in July.

But then again, Pappalardo’s 250 has got quite a history, having won the 1963 Tour de France. Add in the fact it’s one of just 33 Series 1 GTOs left in the world, and you can begin to understand the supersonic price tag.

But $55 million? That’s 30 LaFerrari hypercars. Or 1567 Holden Commodores.


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