Shock! Most driving teachers would fail learner test

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This is a scary statistic – just three percent of the drivers teaching L-platers in NSW would pass a driving test, according to the NRMA.

The eye-opening stat comes from a new study of 624 supervising drivers, which asked them to complete a 16 question online road rules test similar to the Driver Knowledge Test prospective L-Platers must pass to their licence.

Shockingly just 18 of the 624 managed to pass, with the average score being nine out of 16.

A score of 15 was needed to pass.

"The average score of 9 out of 16 indicated parents and supervisors needed a better knowledge of road rules before getting into a car with a learner driver," said NRMA Wendy Machin.

"Young drivers pick up on the driving habits of their supervisors - both good and bad - and this means taking time to prepare before getting in the car."

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