Petition: Raise the limit and lower the toll!

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Friends, countrymen, fellow travellers – it’s time to act!

After years of travelling in the slow lane, we need a higher speed limit. If countries in Europe – where people average far fewer kilometres a year than we do – can cope with a 130km/h limit, then why can’t we? Fatigue, microsleeps, we’re told that these things are killers, so let’s do something about it, and Raise the Limit to Lower the Toll.

Welcome to our campaign – a crusade designed to increase the limit to 130km/h on our best highways, thus leading to less fatigue-related crashes on our roads.

Sign the petition HERE: Raise the limit and lower the toll

For too long, speed has been demonised in a simplistic and silly fashion, and to change this, we need your help.

Head to our Facebook page Wheels' Facebook page to join the debateand sign our petition to the Federal Minister for Roads.

It’s time for sensible speed limits. Make your voice count.


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